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Unleashing the Power of Graph-Massivizer: Transforming Data Analysis

November 29, 2023 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm UTC+0

Join us for the upcoming HiPEAC webinar

Sustainable Development Goals

This webinar will present the potential of the Graph-Massivizer project funded by Horizon Europe to boost the impact of extreme and sustainable graph processing for mitigating existing urgent societal challenges.

Current graph processing platforms do not support diverse workloads, models, languages, and algebraic frameworks. Existing specialized platforms are difficult to use by non-experts and suffer from limited portability and interoperability, leading to redundant efforts and inefficient resource and energy consumption due to vendor and platform lock-in. While synthetic data emerged as an invaluable resource overshadowing actual data for developing robust artificial intelligence analytics, graph generation remains a challenge due to extreme dimensionality and complexity. On the European scale, this practice is unsustainable and, thus, threatens the possibility of creating a climate-neutral and sustainable economy based on graph data. Making graph processing sustainable is essential but needs credible evidence. The grand vision of the Graph-Massivizer project is a technological solution, coupled with field experiments and experience-sharing, for a high-performance and sustainable graph processing of extreme data.

What can you expect

●A general overview of graph processing: why it is important and challenges.
●Understanding of the Graph-Massivizer project (approach, expected results, timeline), going deeper into some specific works that could be of interest to the HIPEAC community, such as graph-processing over the computing continuum and sustainability aspects.
●Showcase of one of the Graph-Massivizer use cases implementing the concept of a Green Data Center Digital Twin and some discussions around the benefits of Graph-Massivizer based on the work carried out in the other pilots (financial, automotive and foresight for environment protection)

Proposed agenda




Introduction: Objectives and overview of the webinar (Nuria de Lama, IDC)


Graph-Massivizer: a game changer in graph-processing of extreme data (Dr. Radu Prodan, Klagenfurt University, Graph-Massivizer Project Coordinator)


Unveiling A Scalable and Sustainable Serverless Graph Processing System Dr. Reza Farahani, Klagenfurt University)


Energy awareness and sustainability of massive graph processing (CINECA)


Bringing technology into Practice:

Use Case: Data Center Digital Twin for Sustainable Exascale Computing (Martin Molan, University of Bologna)


Panel discussion/Q&A session including representatives of several use cases


Closing of the webinar & next steps




November 29, 2023
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm UTC+0